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Winter 2017 Ecotone Newsletter

While visiting our two-year old granddaughter a few days ago in Chicago, she panicked. We were immersed in family tradition, setting up Christmas decorations, when she announced with a shout of sudden dismay, “Baby Jesus is lost!” All six of … Continue reading

Spring 2016 Equinox Newsletter

This morning, like many of you, I turned a faucet on in our kitchen and welcomed a stream of fresh, clean water. Not so for a majority of our planet’s inhabitants. And not so, catastrophically, for citizens of Flint, Michigan. … Continue reading

Life Lessons Workshop

THE IRON BUTTERFLY A Workshop on Healing, Health, and Peak Performance DATE, TIME & LOCATION: Sat. July 9, 2016, 9 a.m. – noon, Presque Isle Park Pavilion, Marquette LIFE LESSONS Practical Applications for Health and Wellness with insights into Mind/body … Continue reading

Winter 2016 Ecotone Newsletter

“Mukwa” is its Anishinaabe name, buried deep in indigenous language of the Great Lakes Basin. “Black bear” is the English translation. I’ve come to call my two recent encounters with these elusive creatures of the forest “The Visitations.” The first … Continue reading

Food as Medicine

THE IRON BUTTERFLY Mind/Body Training for Stress Reduction, Healing, & Peak Performance

Spring 2015 Equinox Newsletter

Seasonal Notes from the Cedar Tree Institute Our brains are changing. Literally. Neural circuits and synapses are adapting to new kinds of input. Marvels of technology are replacing daily newspapers; live-streaming newscasts and Twitter feeds from around the planet now … Continue reading

Fall 2014 Equinox Newsletter

Seasonal Notes from the Cedar Tree Institute Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula is a place of rugged, tragic beauty. Forests and rock-cliffed shorelines point north, like some oversized finger, into the vast expanse of Lake Superior. Once a site for thriving copper … Continue reading

The Iron Butterfly 2014

The Iron Butterfly 2014 is a workshop on Mind/Body Training for Stress Reduction, Healing, & Peak Performance. Brought to you by The Cedar Tree Institute. Continue reading

Spring 2013 Equinox Newsletter

Seasonal Notes from the Cedar Tree Institute One blustery, overcast winter afternoon I sat with a retired Roman Catholic Bishop in his modest, comfortable, wood-paneled office. We talked about traditions of recognizing and blessing saints, acknowledging individuals who once lived … Continue reading

The Iron Butterfly 2013

THE IRON BUTTERFLY 2013 A practice-oriented workshop based on research from mind/body medicine & athletic training addressing regulation of stress responses, including visualization techniques & key components contributing to peak performances mentally & physically.