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Winter 2017 Ecotone Newsletter

While visiting our two-year old granddaughter a few days ago in Chicago, she panicked. We were immersed in family tradition, setting up Christmas decorations, when she announced with a shout of sudden dismay, “Baby Jesus is lost!” All six of … Continue reading

Fall 2016 Equinox Newsletter

Years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal, I often observed, during early morning hours, village people sitting quietly in front of their homes, wrapped in blankets, staring into the mist-covered mountains. There was acknowledgment for the gift of … Continue reading

Northern Great Lakes Water Stewards

Northern Great Lakes Water Stewards 2016-2020 Northern Great Lakes Water Stewards is an interfaith initiative to establish a collaborative partnership to monitor, restore, protect, and sanctify the waters of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Coordinated by Rev. Paul Lehmberg, Marquette Zen Buddhist … Continue reading

The Gift of Water

The Gift of Water July 31, 2016 Sunday evening 7 P.M. Messiah Lutheran Church Sanctuary 305 W Magnetic, Marquette, Michigan “The Most Essential and Mysterious Nutrient” Dr. Scott Emerson, MD Music by Michael Waite (vocalist, guitar) and Barbara Rhyneer (violin) … Continue reading

Spring 2016 Equinox Newsletter

This morning, like many of you, I turned a faucet on in our kitchen and welcomed a stream of fresh, clean water. Not so for a majority of our planet’s inhabitants. And not so, catastrophically, for citizens of Flint, Michigan. … Continue reading