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The Promise

Seeds, Prayers, and Pollinators from Marquette Monthly December, 2015 By Jon Magnuson For most of us, these encroaching winter days bring a chill to the bones. Night falls fast. Mother earth is hard as iron. The heavy snowfalls that will … Continue reading

Choosing Between Your Money and Your Soul

from Indian Country Today August 19, 2015 By Jon Magnuson Twenty years ago, on a visit to Great Falls, Montana, I spent an afternoon casually wandering through the C.M. Russell Auction of Original Western Art, reputed, at that time, to … Continue reading

The Guardians

from Marquette Monthly December, 2014 By Jon Magnuson It’s late Saturday morning. I’m making my way along with six others, breaking trail through two feet of snow. We’re weaving our way down a ridge running through a hemlock forest on … Continue reading

Healing work being done in communities

Healing work being done in communities is from The Mining Journal October 12, 2014 “The danger is that religion becomes a mere ritual. It’s not sufficient to merely ring a bell, you know.” — Dalai Lama Some religious sensibility, most … Continue reading

Jacques Marquette: Legacy of a Black Robe

from Marquette Monthly December, 2013 By Jon Magnuson Today marks our winter’s first snowfall. Late afternoon. I’m standing with a steaming mug of arabica from Dead River Coffee alongside a statue of Father Jacques Marquette, twenty-four feet high, cast in … Continue reading

Arctic Drums & Dreams

Arctic Drums & Dreams is from Indian Country Today June, 2013 A brief journey in the spirit world of the Innupiat By Jon Magnuson The plane trip north from Seattle is always a memorable one, skirting along edges of jagged … Continue reading

A Healing Time: Honoring the spirit of the cedar

from Marquette Monthly December, 2012 By Jon Magnuson As remote Northern Michigan cabins are boarded up for the winter, local stores open doors with discount Christmas sales and holiday lights are strung across neighborhood porches. Deep in forests across the … Continue reading

The Good Grain

The Good Grain is from The Christian Century September 26, 2012 By Jon Magnuson Ahead of me, stumbling down an embankment, a 16-year-old boy drags a 50-pound bag of recently harvested rice seed toward the river bank. He’s a volunteer … Continue reading

The Lighthouse

By Shahar Madjar MD MBA A small group of nurses, doctors, and other health professional meet yearly at the beautiful lighthouse in Big Bay. They call these meetings the ‘Janus Project’. They sit around a long oval dining table and … Continue reading

Witness: A personal account of local efforts to stop the Kennecott Eagle Project mine, by Jon Magnuson

Witness: A personal account of local efforts to stop the Kennecott Eagle Project Mine is from Marquette Monthly December, 2011 Jogging down the stairs at Heathrow Airport to the underground train running to London, I carry in my overnight luggage … Continue reading