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Video from Dancing for the Earth

In January we had a celebration to support CTI’s environmental restoration projects called “Dancing for the Earth.” Here is a short video that captures the spirit of the event. Special thanks to Maria Formolo and Carrie Biolo for an evening … Continue reading

Tai Chi and Qi Gong

First developed by Chinese monks in the 8th Century, Qi Gong and Tai Chi practices are known for their attention to slow, graceful, movements that improve balance, regulate blood pressure, and strengthen the immune system. (Ref: Tai Chi and Qi … Continue reading

A Prayer for Renewal

For the Spirit which bears witness whereby we are led to a source not our own to a good not our own We thank you, Good Lord. From boredom, from torpor, from sogginess of spirit, fatness of heart, and from … Continue reading

St. Luke’s Project

The St. Luke’s Project Once again, for six weeks of the Lenten Season, eight individuals living with cancer have been meeting around a fireplace each Monday morning at the offices of the Cedar Tree Institute to share insights, experiences, and … Continue reading

Tai Chi Sword Episode 1

Tai Chi Sword Episode 1 is the first installment in our new video series. It’s all about finding balance within extreme contrasts. We hope to inspire you to find balance in your life. The first episode takes place in Marquette … Continue reading

Tai Chi Sword Episode 1 Teaser

Tai Chi Sword Episode 1 Teaser. Posted by Cedar Tree Institute Check out the 30-second teaser for the first Episode of our new video series. You can also LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Instagram. Learn more about … Continue reading

Chicago Botanic Garden Zaagkii Workshop

Sponsored by the Cedar Tree Institute in collaboration with the US Forest Service & the Chicago Botanic Garden As part of the ongoing Zaagkii Project, a Native Plants Restoration & Pollinator Protection Workshop for Native American Tribal Communities in Northern … Continue reading

Maamaadizi 2015

KBIC Youth Return to Isle Royale National Park Maamaadizi: “Beginning a Journey” in the Anishinaabe language On Tuesday morning, May 26, 2015 a traditional offering of tobacco and cedar was scattered on the waters of Lake Superior by 14-year-old Kayla … Continue reading

Winter 2014 Ecotone Newsletter is here!

The Winter 2014 Ecotone Newsletter is here!

Winter 2013 Ecotone Newsletter is here!

The Winter 2013 Ecotone Newsletter is here!