The Gift of Water

Gift of Water

The Gift of Water

July 31, 2016 Sunday evening 7 P.M.

Messiah Lutheran Church Sanctuary
305 W Magnetic, Marquette, Michigan

“The Most Essential and Mysterious Nutrient”

Dr. Scott Emerson, MD

Music by Michael Waite (vocalist, guitar) and Barbara Rhyneer (violin)

Sponsored by the Northern Great Lakes Water Stewards
A faith-based initiative to establish a collaborative partnership to monitor, restore, protect, and sanctify the lakes and rivers of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

The NGL Water Stewards is a 4-year interfaith project coordinated by The Cedar Tree Institute, a nonprofit organization providing services and initiating projects in the areas of mental health, religion, and the environment.

Donations Welcome

Supported by representatives of faith communities including the Buddhist, Lutheran, Episcopal, Jewish, and Native American spiritual traditions.

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