St. Luke’s Project

St. Luke's Project 2016

The St. Luke’s Project

Once again, for six weeks of the Lenten Season, eight individuals living with cancer
have been meeting around a fireplace each Monday morning at the offices of the Cedar Tree Institute to share insights, experiences, and prayers as they navigate their new personal narratives now shaped by serious illness and a renewed gratitude for life and relationships.

St. Luke's ProjectSpecial thanks to Drs. Larry Skendzel and Mike Grossman, Pastors David Van Kley and Amanda Kossow, and Jim Shirtz for their support and prayers during this journey. This faith-based support group integrates mindfulness practices, shares information regarding the immune system, and compares and contrasts treatment options. Participants practice contemplative prayer, share experiences of nutritional medicine, and explore impacts of liturgy and prayer as they apply to daily challenges of health, and wellness.

This is the third year of the St. Luke series that has involved a total of 9 different individuals representing two faith traditions and three Christian denominations. Our appreciation to Messiah Lutheran Church (Marquette) who has served as a partner with The Cedar Tree Institute in this ongoing ministry of mutual support.

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